Friday, December 12, 2014

Cancer Causing Chemicals: Methylene Chloride

Methylene chloride most often affects the central nervous system (the brain)
causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, clumsiness, and drowsiness. At very high levels 
it can cause unconsciousness and death. Methylene chloride causes cancer in animals, 
and is regulated as a cancer-causing substance. 
Some of the most common industries and job tasks where methylene chloride is used: 

• construction 
• paint stripping 
• vapor degreasing 
• chemical manufacturing 
• cleaning
Repeated, frequent overexposure to methylene chloride and other solvents over months 
and years can have long-lasting and possibly permanent effects on the nervous system. 
By law, employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace using ventilation and other 
controls, and work practices described in the Cal/OSHA methylene chloride standard. But 
what can Do It Yourself enthusiasts do to prevent exposure when using products containing methylene chloride? Its simple DO NOT USE THEM! Today there are safer options for 
stripping and cleaning for professionals and consumers a like. EZ Strip has taken this to a 
new level with stripping and cleaning products completely safe to the user. EZ Strip 
provides fume free skin safe solutions that are gentile on you yet tough on:
garage and kitchen grease
tree sap
stickers and decals
dirt and grime
glue and adhesives
tire marks
popcorn ceiling textures
and much more!  

If you want more info on methylene chloride health risks and workplace prevention please 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How To Remove Textured Popcorn Ceilings

Textured popcorn ceilings went out of style years ago, but many older homes—and some new ones—still have them. While taking down a textured ceiling is not that difficult, it can be a messy job that requires work and special safety precautions.


There are two potential problems that can turn removing a textured ceiling into a DIY nightmare:
  • Asbestos: Acoustic texture manufactured before 1980 may contain asbestos and should be tested before being removed. While it doesn’t pose a health risk if left in place, removing a ceiling containing asbestos can stir up the fibers and cause them to become trapped in your lungs. 
  • Painted Ceiling: Another potential problem that can make removing a popcorn ceiling much more difficult is if paint has been applied over the texture. This prevents the texture from absorbing water, which is necessary to loosen the material. 
More information about the dangers of Asbestos in Your Home can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency website. For testing instructions to determine if your ceiling has been painted follow link for details and full article for removal of unpainted textures.

This article has some great tips on prep, asbestos testing and texture removal for unpainted surfaces. But the suggestions for painted texture removal I would highly recommend against. "While a painted textured ceiling can be removed, it usually requires the application of a chemical stripper to breakdown the paint barrier." DON'T DO IT!!! Using chemical strippers inside your home is extremely hazardous to you and your families health. Most chemical strippers are toxic and contain carcinogenic cancer causing substances.

EZ Strip has the solution for safe painted textured coating removal with EZ Strip Textured Coating Remover. Finally a water based fume free texture remover that is completely safe to use indoors. EZ Strip has a no drip gel that can penetrate multiple layers of paint and texture coatings with less mess and no health hazards. EZ Strip has a wet working system that keeps material being removed wet for a dust free removal experience. Visit the EZ Strip website for more info on Texture Coating Removal and where to buy! Watch the latest how to You Tube video by EZ Strip to see great painted popcorn ceiling removal tips! 

These types of Do It Yourself projects can save you money and increase the value of your home. The work is easier than you think and extremely rewarding. Removing textured coatings from your home is a great way to change and update the look of your home! Thanks for reading subscribe to the EZ Strip Blog for more great posts and we'll see you next time!

Monday, September 29, 2014

How Indoor Air Pollution Works

Sometimes just looking out your window at all the pollution may be enough to make you shun the outdoors. But what's inside may be even worse. Indoor air pollution, the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials, can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is because contained areas enable pollutants to build up more than open spaces do. If you consider that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors and 65% inside their homes in particular, you can see why indoor air pollution is an important issue. Some of the side effects caused by indoor air pollution are little worse than those of the common cold but long-term exposure can lead to a coma, lung cancer, and even death. For full article follow link EZ Strip people know how important the air quality in your home truly is for you and your family. That's why all EZ Strip products are free from harsh chemicals that can release toxic fumes into your home. Truly fume free paint and textured coating removal has never been possible until now! Our patented water based technology allows our products to soften and penetrate coatings without chemically reacting or heating the coating releasing harmful fumes into the air. For more info on Ez Strip and our great removal products visit our website

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Community Graffiti Clean Up at it's Finest!

It's amazing what we can accomplish when we work together! Working together is just what Old East Village in London, Ontario did last week. With the combined effort of Neighborhood Watch London, The Home Depot, EZ Strip, and the Old East Village Community we tackled over 40 graffiti sites in Old East Village in one day! Big thanks to everyone who participated at this event. Here are some pictures of the day.
      The graffiti removal team used EZ Strip All Purpose Remover for the event because of it's long list of safety features and effectiveness of the product. We removed spray paint, permanent markers, stickers, gum, and glue from various surface all over Old East Village.
Removal of graffiti is proven to reduce crime and reoccurring tagging in communities. It also can revitalize areas in communities so people can stay proud of where they live and enjoy!
From business store fronts to personal properties we can all make the effort in our community to keep it clean!
Hard work does not go without its rewards! We received so much support for this event by the local community and businesses!
One of our groups after a long and hot day in London. Nothing but smiles here!!!
We did it and you can too! Rally your comrades and have your own community graffiti clean up day! EZ Strip All Purpose Remove is available exclusively at The Home Depot for safe and easy graffiti clean up that everyone can join in.  

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remove Painted Popcorn Ceiling DIY Style!

EZ Strip Textured Coating Remover lets you take charge of your ceilings! Remove outdated bumpy lumpy textures from your ceilings and walls easily with EZ Strip!

EZ Strip TCR, some basic tools, and a roll of plastic is all you need to take on this project!

Prep your room! Protect surfaces not being stripped with plastic. This will also reduce your clean-up time!

Apply EZ Strip TCR with a brush in nice thick even strokes. Test a small area first for set time. Set times will vary on thickness of texture cover with plastic for set times over 4 hours.

Once softened carefully scrape off material with a tool meant for use on drywall. A paint tray lined with plastic works great to catch falling material. Tip: If material starts to dry out while working spritz with water to reactivate.

Wipe surface clean with a rag damp with warm water. Allow surface to completely dry before mud touch ups and paint. And that's it thank you EZ Strip for making this room makeover DIY savvy! Learn more about how to do this project and more on the EZ Strip You Tube Channel