Monday, April 28, 2014

How To Strip Paint Off Wood Siding

Wood siding can provide old-fashioned charm to your home, but old paint can cause it to look run-down and neglected. A fresh coat of paint can protect the wood and freshen the house's appearance, but first all of the old paint has to come off! This can be accomplished using heat, grinding or chemicals, but the easiest and most effective method is a water-based, non-toxic chemical stripper. It softens rather than dissolves the paint so it can easily be thrown away in your household garbage. For the five easy steps to complete your paint stripping project follow the link When you purchase the tools you need for your next stripping project make sure you pick the Do It Yourself stripper of choice EZ Strip Professional Strength Paint & Varnish Stripper available soon at Home Depot. The only water based stripper that is truly safe and effective for all your stripping needs. Get the job done right and safe the first time with EZ Strip! Visit for more great info on EZ Strip products and where to buy today!

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