Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Furniture Refinishing: Paint or Varnish?

We all have that piece of furniture that could use a new look or finish. And there are lots of options to get you down to bare wood for a smooth surface to work with. I recommend EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper for furniture refinishing because it's skin safe and free of toxic fumes. Water based gel strippers like EZ Strip work great for refinishing jobs but EZ Strip is the only one truly safe enough to use indoors! Learn more about EZ Strip and where to buy here So you have that favorite dresser, table or chair stripped and ready for a new coat. But a new coat of what? What is the best finish for your furniture? I went on an online adventure to see what is being used and what works best for furniture refinishing paint or varnish.


I discovered hundreds of options for the refinished look from antiques to modern. Classic versus shabby chic and there really isn't a yes or no answer here. It comes down to the piece of furniture your working with and the look you want to achieve. Some furniture has interesting wood grains, intricate detail, and beautiful wood coloring that will only be increased by light stains and varnish. Other pieces have interesting lines, design, or function but don't make the cut on surface appeal. These are the types suited best for that painted finish. So what works best paint or varnish? I guess the better question is what works best for your furniture and style. For me I prefer the warm inviting feel of classic finished pieces. What's yours?        

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