Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Community Graffiti Clean Up at it's Finest!

It's amazing what we can accomplish when we work together! Working together is just what Old East Village in London, Ontario did last week. With the combined effort of Neighborhood Watch London, The Home Depot, EZ Strip, and the Old East Village Community we tackled over 40 graffiti sites in Old East Village in one day! Big thanks to everyone who participated at this event. Here are some pictures of the day.
      The graffiti removal team used EZ Strip All Purpose Remover for the event because of it's long list of safety features and effectiveness of the product. We removed spray paint, permanent markers, stickers, gum, and glue from various surface all over Old East Village.
Removal of graffiti is proven to reduce crime and reoccurring tagging in communities. It also can revitalize areas in communities so people can stay proud of where they live and enjoy!
From business store fronts to personal properties we can all make the effort in our community to keep it clean!
Hard work does not go without its rewards! We received so much support for this event by the local community and businesses!
One of our groups after a long and hot day in London. Nothing but smiles here!!!
We did it and you can too! Rally your comrades and have your own community graffiti clean up day! EZ Strip All Purpose Remove is available exclusively at The Home Depot for safe and easy graffiti clean up that everyone can join in.  

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