Friday, January 9, 2015

The Evolution of Chemicals

     The evolution of chemicals over the last 50 years has completely changed our way of life. The products we use are in constant flux improving performance, reducing health risks, and eliminating environmental impacts are some of the positive drives for product development. Unfortunately not all companies are following suite. In fact some products you can buy off the shelf have not changed at all in the last 50 years and pose serious health and environmental risks if not handled and disposed of properly. From a contractors perspective there is a fine line between risk and cost when it comes to chemicals. One of the most hazardous products on the market today still available for unregulated over the counter purchase is chemical paint strippers. Paint strippers can contain chemicals like methylene chloride, isophorone, acetone, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), and other hazardous chemicals that can pose serious health risks. These chemicals can cause cancer, reproductive organ toxicity, neurological damage, respiratory distress, and in some cases even death.
     While some companies are still living in the dark ages others are paving the way to greener pastures. One chemical achievement that is not yet widely known is the creation of Dimethyl Esters (also known as Dibasic Esters and DMEs*). They are readily biodegradable, low odor, low VOC solvents used in a wide variety of industrial and specialty applications. Dibasic esters are excellent solvent substitutes in many cleaning and stripping applications. Commercial acceptance and use of dimethyl esters and dibasic esters continues to increase due to their positive economic, environmental and performance characteristics. To read more on the benefits of DMEs follow this link
     One company taking this chemical evolution by storm is EZ Strip. Providing safer solutions to chemical stripping, cleaning, and developing new removal technologies that could change the renovation and restoration industry as we know it. Paint strippers that can be used in small spaces without the need of forced ventilation. All purpose cleaners tough enough to clean paint spills and grease yet gentile on your skin and fume free. Textured coating removers that can soften painted popcorn and stipple ceilings safely from drywall and other surfaces. Visit the EZ Strip website and see just how EZ Strip is changing the game on renovation and restoration! Not only are these products safer solutions for personal/customer health and the environment they don't brake the bank! Find affordable safe solutions from EZ Strip exclusively at The Home Depot in store and online 

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