Thursday, April 16, 2015

Know The Risk: Paint Stripping Hazards & Safer Solutions

      Paint strippers contain chemicals that loosen paint and other various finishes from surfaces. These chemicals can harm you if not used properly. Some paint stripping chemicals can irritate the skin and eyes, or cause headaches, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, or loss of coordination. Some may cause cancer, reproductive problems, or damage of the liver, kidney, or brain. Others catch fire easily. Paint strippers contain different chemicals, and the potential hazards are different for various products. Each product has specific safety precautions (see the section below on paint stripper types).
      EZ Strip is proud to use only the preferred Dibasic esters as the active ingredients in our products. Dibasic esters or DBEs are the safest of the preferred chemicals used for paint removal. DBEs are readily biodegradable, have low odor, and extremely low VOC rating. Not only are they the safest but also the most effective when it comes to safe paint removal. EZ Strip products also offer the bonus of wet working formulas eliminating dust hazards! Visit the EZ Strip website today and find the right removal product for you!
Find out more about these great products from EZ Strip!

EZ Strip Professional Strength Paint & Varnish Stripper:
Strip all kinds of paint, varnish, and wax finishes safely from most surfaces with no fumes or burn hazards. EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper is effective and safe to use indoors!

EZ Strip Professional Strength Textured Coating Remover:
Remove damaged and outdated popcorn/stipple ceiling with no dust hazards and convenient to use no drip gel formula. EZ Strip Textured Coating Remover is an innovative new product making DIY popcorn ceiling removal possible/affordable!

EZ Strip All Purpose Remover:  
Clean up paint splatter, tree sap, graffiti, automotive grease to baked on kitchen grease, glue, adhesives, and just tough sticky stuff! EZ Strip All Purpose Remover cleans just about everything from just about anything yet its gentile on your skin and Eco-friendly!     

Buy EZ Strip products at your local Home Depot store or visit our website for online purchase options today.

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