Friday, September 25, 2015

Methylene Chloride: How Many Deaths Does It Take?

      Most consumers don't realize just how dangerous methylene chloride really is because the warning labels don't mention what could happen if the fumes are inhaled. Dichloromethane-DCM or methylene chloride is a colorless, volatile liquid with a somewhat sweet-smelling aroma. It is most commonly used as a solvent in paint strippers and degreasers. The labels on products widely sold over-the-counter in hardware stores, home improvement stores and online do have warnings. They most often warn of DCM being a known carcinogen and warn of not getting the product on the skin. Some even mention using DCM in a well-ventilated area. But they don't say anything about the possibility of death from breathing the vapors!
     Fourteen deaths in the U.S. have been linked to methylene chloride exposure since 2000 many of which involved the use of the chemical in paint strippers. There are over 50 documented accidental exposure deaths linked to methylene chloride since 1980. 
     The EPA says it does intend to take action. It is working on a rule expected to be proposed early next year that could stiffen warning labels on paint strippers containing the chemical, add certain restrictions, or ban the products completely for consumer use. So what can consumers do to protect themselves and their family from products containing methylene chloride? Don't use them, buy them, or recommend them! There are safe and effective alternatives when it comes to paint stripping that don't break the bank, pose any health threats to you or your family, and work effectively to get the job done!
     EZ Strip has world patented water based technology that breaks the bond between paints and substrate without a chemical reaction that could release toxic fumes into the air. The skin safe fume free paint and coating removal formulas are taking Home Depot Stores and online by storm and looking to expand further soon! Visit the EZ Strip website today and see what safer removal products can do for you.
     For the full article of info provided above follow this link Link: why-is-deadly-methylene-chloride-still-being-sold-in-us/article/444455 For more info on the documented deaths link to methylene chloride by consumers and workers check out the links below.

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Key findings from our solvents investigation Link: key-findings-our-solvents-investigation 
Massachusetts worker death Link: massachusetts-worker-death

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