Monday, December 14, 2015

Consumer Chemical Comprehension - Make Safe Choices with Purchase Power!

In today's market consumers are bombarded with choices, there is just so many products to choose from! When trying to make decisions on what is the best or safest product for their family things can get confusing. As a marketing manager for a safer choice paint remover company I know all too well the challenges consumers face at the store! Here are a few tips to help you make some informed purchase decisions before you get to the check out line.

Research Your Options
I know no one has the time to research everything on the shopping list but some products do deserve a little extra consideration before they find their way into your home. For example cleaning and removal products, bonding agents like glues and adhesives, or products for personal hygiene and cosmetics. Taking a little more time at home to find the right brand will save you time in a hectic store during the holidays. Tip: no in store staff will know more about a product you want to buy than the company that produces it! Company websites have oodles of info on their products and where to buy them to help you make the right decision before you even step out the door.

Know What Is In Your Products
Today's ingredient lists can be confusing and often it seems like you need to be a chemical engineer to understand the health risks for any particular product. My number 1 go to method for product safety is reading the MSDS or SDS info sheet commonly found on your products company website. Material Safety Data Sheets will list any chemicals in a product that could pose a health concern and break down how those chemicals can effect your health and the environment. They also have a very useful first aid info section if you ever have an accident!

Reading Product Labels and Avoid Green Washing   
Product labels are your last research point before the item goes in the cart. Companies have become increasingly more clever with their label designs to get you to buy. A few things to keep an eye out for are false claims, labels will often show what appears to be a green certification mark but it turns out to be a cleverly designed logo with no legitimate safer option claim. Clever color schemes and product names can also be misleading. Labels with green colors or even have the word green in the name can give you a false sense of safety when in fact the product contains chemicals known to cause harm to human health.

At the end of the day a little extra research can go a long way to keeping harmful products out of your home! Be skeptical of label claims and always use products as directed. Directions are there so you get the best and safest outcome possible. Purchase your house hold products with confidence know what your buying and how to use it right! Remember the products we see on the shelf are there based on supply and demand the more we buy safer products the better our options will become. That is how you control the market and make safer choices with purchase power!    

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