Thursday, April 7, 2016

Popcorn Ceiling Remover: Products Now Available @ Home Depot

So you want to remove your popcorn ceilings but they have been painted a bunch of times and your worried about high contractor costs and the impossible to clean up dust mess. Well now you can do the job yourself for half the cost with a dust free removal product by EZ Strip. EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover is the only DIY friendly, dust free, drywall safe paint stripper designed specifically to remove painted popcorn ceiling textures (and other ceiling & wall textures) from drywall and other hard surfaces.

So if you have this...                                                   Or this...

Or this...                                                                     And you want to do this...

Then you need this! EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover Available In Store & Online @ Home Depot Canada or Online @ Home Depot USA & In Los Angeles, CA/Dallas, TX Store Locations Now! Visit our website here for direct online purchase links today!
 See just how EZ it is to remove your popcorn ceiling textures here!

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