Monday, October 24, 2016

Todays Home Owner: Update Your Home On A Budget DIY Style!

Get the most bang for your buck! If you're an avid DIYer, you're already on your way to saving money. But with the right planning, you can transform the feel of a whole room with a single project that only costs you a few hundred bucks. In this article we are going to share some of our top tips on how you can increase your home's equity, update your living spaces, and do it all on a budget!

#1 Refinish Your Interior Wooden Door & Window Frames
Remember when everyone thought it was a great idea to paint all the trim in your house white? How can we forget the eye blinding, really hard to keep clean, white trim as far as the eye can see! Breathe new live into your trim and let that beautiful warm wood shine. Wood tones can give your home that warm welcoming feel and completely change the look of a room in your home. Now there is an easy way to refinish these surfaces and you don't have to be a carpenter to do it. The traditional way is to pull the trim off the wall, take it outside, very carefully strip the surface (that stuff is toxic!), neutralize stripper and let dry, sand surface, apply new finish and let dry completely, nail back in place. It was an all week project and it left your home in shambles during the process. Now there is a product that allows you to strip your interior trim safely in place skipping a bunch of time consuming steps. EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper is an effective, Low VOC/skin safe stripper, that cleans up with just water! Here are the basic steps: Tape off trim, apply EZ Strip, scrape/scrub off finish, let dry, lightly sand, finish and let dry. You can complete a whole room on a weekend for half the cost and hassle! EZ Strip goes a long way a $10 jug gives you 30-50 square feet of coverage and it is sooo much easier to strip trim in place. Here is a How To Video to show the whole process:

#2 Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal 
This was a costly project involving contractors, time, a huge mess, and a lot of hassle! Now you can tackle this type of removal job your self with a little ambition and planning for an A+ home upgrade. First get your supplies - plastic drop cloths, painters' tape, paint brush, metal container, painters' tray, pallet knife, some drywall patch, and ceiling paint. And the product that makes this removal project DIY friendly is EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover the only remover specifically designed to remove painted popcorn and other ceiling/wall textures safely from drywall and other hard surfaces. Here are the steps: Tape and plastic off areas not being treated, apply EZ Strip to surface, cover with plastic, let set overnight, scrape softened material into your painters' tray, wipe surface clean with a damp cloth, patch any imperfections and let dry (you can get fast drying drywall patch), sand and paint. You can do an average size room in a weekend with the right planning and get easy to clean smooth ceilings one room at a time. Here is a How To Video to show the whole process:

#3 Remove Graffiti
Graffiti on your property can be a real eye sore and graffiti in your community can affect more then you think! Graffiti on your home, garage, or fence can make your house a target for more vandalism. Also communities with graffiti can decrease the value of your home! What can you do about it? More than you think! EZ Strip All Purpose Remover removes just about anything from just about everything with the same Low VOC, skin safe, water clean up features as other EZ Strip removal products. Remove spray paint, markers, paint pens, stickers, gum, and much more with EZ Strip All Purpose Remover. With great coverage and a low price you can fund a Graffiti community clean up day for a lot less than you think. When you remove graffiti quickly it discourages vandals, working together with your community to remove graffiti is a conscious effort to increase you and your neighbors property values. All you need is a bucket of water, EZ Strip, and a scrub brush! Here is a How To Video to show the whole removal process: 

#4 Refinish Your Staircase
Just like your interior trim now refinishing your stairs is easy and DIY friendly! Low VOC, skin safe strippers that really work and clean up with water just didn't exist before EZ Strip. EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper can strip your wood stairs for a fresh new look. No matter if your looking for a cool splash of color or want that warm wood feel stripping the surface first will guarantee a long lasting updated look the whole family can enjoy. Here are some simple steps for this project: Tape off, apply EZ Strip, let set, scrape, scrub with water, let dry, lightly sand, and just like that your ready for a fresh new coating or finish you'll love for years to come! Here is a How To Video to show the whole process:

 #5 Furniture Refinishing
Every room in your home needs that special little something that brings everything together. An easy way to do this is picking just the right piece of furniture. But what if you could update the existing furniture in your home? Or don't have an existing piece with potential? Don't go to the over priced, some assembly required store! Now yard sale, thrift store, or antique furniture can be refinished into your style for half the cost and last sooo much longer. These days most of the furniture you buy new isn't even made from real wood! EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper does the work for you and is completely safe to use indoors so you don't have to rely on good weather for a successful refinish project. The steps are easy: Pick your piece, put down plastic, remove your hardware, apply EZ Strip, let set, scrape, scrub with water, let dry, and lightly sand. Now the finishing possibilities are endless try your hand at distressed chalk paint sheik, warm satin finish stain, fun stencil painting, or a high gloss black what ever floats your boat of creativity. Here is a How To Video to show the whole process:

Did you like our top 5 tips to update date your home with EZ Strip? DIY home improvement projects can be cost saving and easy with a little planning and the right removal product. Visit the EZ Strip website for more great removal ideas, how to videos, and where to buy today at

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