Thursday, February 16, 2017

Water Power: Advances In Water Based Technology


Water, it covers 71% of the Earth's surface, the average human body is 60% water, and the most purest solvent in the world is you guessed it water! Using the most abundant resource on the planet water based technology has become a reality. Now we can use water technology powered products to help keep our water sources clean from some of the most toxic chemicals threatening our aquatic life and environment. One of the number one toxic products used in regular households and rarely disposed of properly is paint strippers. Chemical stripping products can be purchased by anyone at your local hardware store, pose serious health and environmental risks, and require special protective equipment/disposal that is often not followed. Methylene Chloride is a very common stripping chemical and the most dangerous. Its carcinogenic, over exposure can cause death, extremely flammable, not soluble in water, and completely devastating to aquatic life and the environment. It contaminates everything it touches! So what can you do? Purchase safe options, water based strippers are available and one company that has perfected and patented the best in water based removal technology is EZ Strip! Creating a full line of high performing strippers and removers that can completely replace the need for toxic stripping chemicals like Methylene Chloride is just what EZ Strip did. Remove everything from paint, varnish, lacquer, graffiti, glue, tape, stickers, decals, grease, gum, bugs, tar, tree sap, markers, crayons, wax, ink, adhesives, even painted drywall textures (yup they got something for that). EZ Strip water based removal formulas are 100% water soluble, biodegradable, skin safe, free of harsh choking fumes, and they work! You may not get the instant removal results you get with the toxic stuff but with a little patience we can help save the planet's most precious life giving resource, water. Let's face it no clean water equals no people! If you want to learn more about EZ Strip's features, benefits, and products visit today! The one thing we all have is purchase power show you care and buy environmentally friendly options the next time you shop.


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