Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting The Most Out Of Your Trade Show Experience

Trade shows are the ultimate way to see best in the business! No matter if your there to see the best new thing or there to show the latest and greatest your company has to offer the experience should be fruitful and fun. Here are a few steps for visitors and presenters to get the most of your next trade show.

Step 1 ~ Don't Get Lost in the Crowd


Visitors ~ The bigger the show the tougher it can be to see everything you want in the time you have so first make a plan. All trade shows have a list of vendors and often a booth map so you can find them. Map your route so you catch everything on your list without having to go in circles!

Presenters ~ The bigger the show the tougher it can be to stand out from all the other vendors keep in mind making your booth pop and eye catching will keep people from passing you by! Bright colors, catchy slogans, & free hand outs are all great ways to keep the traffic coming.

Step 2 ~ Learn From The Experience 


 Visitors ~ Learn what you can so you take home some knowledge and not just freebies! Vendors are not just there to sell they want to educate their customers ask usage and benefit questions, grab literature for a later read, and pick their brain for future projects. This is your chance to get one on one time with the experts. 

Presenters ~ Learn from your customers! Getting face to face feedback on what customers need and want can be a real value to you when it comes to marketing, advertising, and new product development. If you show genuine interest in what they have to say they will so more interest in your brand and products!  

Step 3 ~ Getting Impressed and Making An Impression


Visitors ~ Give your time to vendors who are present, patient, and put in the time to impress you. If you walk by and the booth presenter is sitting in the corner on their phone and don't even bother to look up and say hi maybe they don't deserve your time. But the next booth presenter might be waiting for you to turn the corner, flag you down, and make the effort to draw you in. Those guys and gals are going to give the grand tour!
Presenters ~ Be present this is your chance to get one on one with your customers and make an impression that lasts from the show to the store. Stay off your phone start the conversation as they walk by and draw them in with your perfect and polished presentation. Make the impression that lasts from trade show to check out line!

Step 4 ~ Consider What The Booth Has to Offer


Visitors ~ Some trade show booths just want to give you a brochure a free pen and send you on your way. The best ones have hands on displays, informative videos, free product samples, and polished presentations. Give credit where credit is do, give your time to the vendors going the extra mile and your sure to get what you came for!

Presenters ~ Consider what will give visitors to your booth the most engagement, let them get hands on with the product your promoting when ever possible. When they can use your product and see for themselves the results its going to leave that lasting impression your looking for. Sending them off with a small free sample to try on their own is always a big help when it comes to seeing that return on your trade show investment in sale increases.

The best advise for your next trade show is to have FUN! 


If your having fun so will everyone else so be ready for busy hustle and bustle of the ever growing trade show experience. If your visiting take advantage of the games, draws, and hands on displays booths have to offer. And if your presenting the more engagement you offer at your booth the greater the impression and traffic you get. People love to touch displays, be dazzled with colorful visuals, and take home samples. The more you offer the greater the return!

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