Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Texture the bumpy lumpy DIY Savvy Home Owners dread! This stuff dates your home and is impossible to clean. If it has never been painted GREAT carefully spritz with water and scrape off softened material for that modern smooth look. But if it has been painted and that is often the case no amount of water will soften that texture. Dry scraping is tough and messy. You can skim coat over the texture with a lot of drywall mud and a well trained trowel hand. But when you go to sand that skim coat for a smooth finish it's dust city! So finding a dust free DIY friendly removal option for painted drywall textures can be very difficult. EZ Strip has developed a low VOC wet working remover that penetrates through paint and encapsulates the softened texture for a dust free DIY friendly removal option!

Here are the steps:  

    Protect your walls and floors with plastic

Apply a thick even coating of EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover

Cover treated area with plastic to keep product wet and working set times vary 4 - 12 hours

Scrape softened material with a mud spatula or scraper blade. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Shake your bottle of easy strip before pouring into a container for application. 
  • Use a wide brush for a quick application.
  • Smooth out any air bubbles in plastic for a better set.
  • Test before you scrape let the product do the work for you don't scrape till its ready. 
  • Spritz with water during removal to keep product moist while scraping.
  • Scrape carefully so don't damage the drywall paper lining.
  • Scrape along the tape seems (the joints between drywall boards) and be careful not to remove them.
  • Wipe surface clean with a damp clean cloth and let surface completely dry before patching and painting.

EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover works on all kinds of drywall textures!


Watch The How To Remove Video!

Where To Buy

Visit the EZ Strip Website today for more removal details, project ideas and purchase info @



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