Thursday, April 26, 2018

Safe & Easy Furniture Refinishing At Your Fingertips!

Traditional Furniture Refinishing Hazards

Furniture refinishing has always been a hazardous and difficult project because of the need to first remove the existing coating. Paint and varnish strippers are commonly toxic and hazardous to the environment. Traditional paint strippers contain chemicals like methylene chloride a carcinogen that can cause severe skin burns, effect your nervous system even cause death. Other common chemicals are NMP, Acetone, Toluene, Caustic Soda all of which have a laundry list of hazardous effects that can be breathed in and absorbed through the skin. No matter your removal method strippers, heat guns, and even sanding can release toxins into the air and they all require a different type of safety certified breathing mask to prevent exposure do you know what you need to keep safe?

The Safer Option

Now you can take the guessing and hazards of stripping paint and varnish right out of the equation. EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper is the only way to truly be safe when stripping furniture. EZ Strip's formula is a skin safe low VOC stripper that cleans up with just water. The solution is 100% water soluble and biodegradable for an environmentally friendly removal option for furniture coatings. No gloves, masks, or forced ventilation required. Unlike traditional stripping chemicals that require a second chemical to neutralize the first EZ Strip cleans up with just tap water. Everything you remove with EZ Strip doesn't require specialized disposal either just discard removed coatings in your regular household garbage. Caution if you suspect the coating you want to remove could contain lead paint call a certified professional. They have a training to remove lead paint safely and dispose of properly.   

How It Works

The technology behind this new innovative product allows the stripper to penetrate paint and varnish coatings and release the bond between coating and surface. This process happens without a chemical reaction with the coating being removed which can cause VOCs in that coating to be released into the air. EZ Strip will not over saturate the substrate causing wood grains to raise or splinter. This makes EZ Strip ideal for refinishing antique wood furniture. EZ Strip is safe to use on most surfaces including all types of wood, metal, stone, tile, bricks, concrete, glass, and fiber glass. Use caution with plastics as EZ Strip may etch some plastics. Visit the how to remove page on the EZ Strip website today for detailed removal info and directions at

Where To Buy

EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper is now available in a variety of locations! Visit the where to buy page on the EZ Strip website and find a local store that carries this great safe alternative to furniture refinishing near you today! Visit

See It In Action

Watch EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper transform old and tired furniture into treasures! Subscribe to the EZ Strip You Tube Channel for great project ideas here

Chest Refinishing

Mirror Refinishing

Table Refinishing

Stair Refinishing

Now there is a safe alternative for furniture refinishing so you can take on that refinishing project without the hazards and high environmental impact worries traditional strippers pose! 

EZ Strip Because Life Has Never Been This EZ!

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