Monday, July 17, 2017

The ALL Purpose Remover You Need When Nothing Else Works!

Trying to clean up from a renovation, refinishing, painting, or home improvement project? Or maybe you just have a tough sticky messes that nothing seems to work at removing? EZ Strip has the remover you need when the tough removal jobs come your way! EZ Strip All Purpose Remover tackles the tough stuff with a skin safe fume free formula that cleans up with just water. Remove everything from paint drips and spills, varnish or stain drips and spills, glue/adhesive/tape residues, permanent markers and link, spray paint and over spray, tree sap, gum, decals and stickers, crayons, bugs and tar, road splatter, kitchen and garage grease, oil stains, and much more. EZ Strip is safe to use on most surfaces, may etch some plastics, not suitable for painted surfaces, works great on baked on paint like vehicle panels with no damage! Now you can remove just about anything from just about everything with a stay put cling gel and easy spray applicator. Get the results you need when you need it here are a few examples of how EZ Strip can work for you!

How It Works


Remove Markers, Tape Residue, Paint Splatter, and Sticker Residue


Remove Nail Polish, Stain and Paint Drips, Oven Grease, and Stickers

Remove Graffiti


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