Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thinking Green with Eco Decor: Furniture & Suface Refinishing

Time to change the look in your home? Sometimes a small change like a new piece of furniture or surface refinishing can make a big impression. Unfortunately new furniture and surface refinishing  comes with environmental impacts we may not always feel comfortable with. Now there is a new option to make decor changes without leaving a big foot print on the environment! Furniture and surface refinishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your thinking green but EZ Strip has made a new line of water soluble biodegradable strippers that work great, are so easy anyone can use them, and they're not hazardous to you or the environment. Now you can safely transform stairs, window and door trim, existing or used furniture into something amazing without the worry of buying new or having to use harmful chemicals. Watch EZ Strip in action and get your decor groove on!

Refinishing Stairs

Stripping Stain from Wood

Furniture Refinishing

   Stripping Paint & Stickers

For more info on EZ Strip removal products, where to buy, and project ideas visit EZstrip.ca today! We only make environmentally friendly products because we care. Want to change your decor with your green thinking cap on EZ Strip's got your covered!

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