Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How To Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Get rid of that bumpy lumpy painted ceiling that is impossible to clean and huge mess maker even if you just think about touching it! Now there is a dust free removal method that you can do yourself without the need to dry scrape, replace drywall, or have the surface professionally skim coated over. EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover is a specially formulated remover that penetrates through multiple paint layers and softens the texture underneath without damaging the surface. No matter the style of texture whether it has been sprayed on or hand applied EZ Strip can strip it! 

You want to remove that textured ceiling but its been painted and using just water for the removal is not working! Now EZ strip has a dust free removal method for painted ceiling and wall textures that is so easy anyone can do it. EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover can remove multiple paint layers from a large variety of ceiling textures without damaging the drywall or other hard surfaces.

Remove these types of ceiling textures:

Spray & roll on textures, Splatter Knockdown, Orange Peel, Popcorn, Acoustic, Stipple, Cottage Cheese, Hand applied textures, Skip Trowel, Hawk and Trowel, Santa-Fe Texture, Double Skip, Swirl, Crows-foot Stomp, Rosebud Stomp, Stomp Knockdown, and More!

No matter the name most of these textures are made with the same types of material and can be removed with EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover with the same method used in the video.

Coverage is 80 - 100 square feet per gallon depending on how many paint layers and the thickness of the texture being removed.

If your concerned about your ceiling texture containing asbestos get it tested. You can get test kits at your local hardware store. EZ Strip Popcorn Ceiling Remover is a Low VOC skin safe removal formula that cleans up with just water making this a safe DIY friendly home improvement project!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing furniture has always been a risky project because of the need for a paint stripper. There are a lot of strippers out there full of toxic chemicals that require a lot of personal safety equipment and experience to truly use safe and effectively. Now there is a safe option from EZ Strip for refinishing wood furniture and it is so easy to use anyone can do it!

If you want to strip paint or varnish from wood furniture then you need EZ Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper! The only skin safe fume free stripper that does the removal job safely and cleans up with just water. Breathe new life into your old furniture or re-purpose/refinish a great find for a new look or addition to a room in your home!

I found this mirror at my local dump and turned it into a beautiful piece for my spare bedroom! The refinish project was simple and fun with EZ Strip. Check out how I did this refinishing project here Refinish Furniture

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